About Sailing Sula

Hello! I'm Larry. Sailing Sula is a private community where I share my sailing journey and adventures sailing my boat Sula around Hong Kong and (hopefully) beyond.

Getting Access

If the site looks a bit sparse, that's because most posts are limited to an audience of sailing friends and family. If you're already one of those people, reach out to me to join. If you're not yet a sailing friend and would like to become one, click the subscribe button, enter your email and follow the instructions.

About Sula

Sula is a 1995 Amel Super Maramu, a 53 foot sailing ketch and one of the best cruising vessels ever made! She was originally born in La Rochelle, France, and spent her time cruising around Europe and the USA until she moved to Hong Kong in 2011. During her life in Hong Kong, she's visited every corner of Hong Kong, Macau and even made two extended trips to the Philippines. She joined my life (and I joined hers!) in 2020.