Favorite sailing blogs and video channels.
SV Delos

My favorite sailing blogs & video channels.

Sula's sisters

Amel built 478 Super Maramus from 1989 to 2005. Sula was built in 1995 and is hull #140.

SV Delos - hull #303 - The one and only SV Delos, star of one of Youtube's most popular sailing channels. I binge-watched every episode documenting the adventures of Brian and crew and ended up buying my own Super Maramu!

Harmonie - hull #160 - Owner Bill Kinney is very knowledgable about sailboats and cruising helpfully shares it on his blog as he cruises around the US East Coast and Carribean.

Yacht Adela - hull #304 - Yacht Adela is Sula's only relative in Hong Kong and Hong Kongers are in luck, because she's available for charter!

SV BeBe - hull #387 - SV BeBe was owned by Bill and Judy Rouse who sailed her around the world over 10 years. The boat has been sold, but their blog is filled with a wealth of useful, hard-to-information including a detailed cost accounting of their trip.

SV Aquarius - hull #262 - Owner Ken Powers is taking Aquarius on her second circumnavigation and makes incredibly helpful Youtube videos sharing his experience.

KFOS EP 1 - hull #61